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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

BJP Senior Leader left Party - ViiralFest

BJP Senior leader Padma Shukla Left Party...

     Lok Sabha election approaches, the BJP has started a trouble on the Trouble.

     This time, the BJP has been making preparations for power, and on the other hand one is leaving the party. 

 Manvendra Singh, the son of BJP's senior leader Jaswant Singh, had left the party. Today, Madhya Pradesh Social Welfare Board chief Padma Shukla today resigned from the primary membership of the BJP and joined the Congress. 

        I sincerely have done my duties as a party member since 1980. But after the 2014 election, I was hurt by the neglect and exploitation of workers in Vijayaraghavgarh. He said he has resigned from the party. 

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