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Sunday, September 30, 2018

How to Avoid Heart Attack - ViiralFest

How To Avoid Heart Attack on Simple Ways...

Avoid Heart Attack on these simple ways doing everyday

Heart Attack is a condition that can not tell when and how it will happen in the modern world. Is there a precardiac arrest foreclosure? There is a survey answer. 

An unknown heart attack compared to women is more for men. Percent It is proven that 25 percent of the heart attack is under 40 years of age. So what is the root cause of Heart Attack, such as Silent? 

Reasons for Heart Attack :
It is a kind of cautious warning that is 
  • physically inaccurate, 
  • annoying, less sleeping,  
  • Having a chest pain in the chest 
  • neglecting the gastric. 
  • Continuous smoking 
  • alcohol consumption

 Simple Ways to Avoid Heart Attack :

  • To get heart-fed diet. Supplementary foods are available when fruits make more than vegetable intake
  •  Avoid smoking and drink alcohol 
  • Take care of weight loss. You should exercise at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Regularly perform a health test.  
  • Food should be consumed away from fat, blood pressure, and diabetes

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