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Monday, October 1, 2018

India completes another surgical strike quietly - ViiralFest

India's Another one Surgical Strike Completed..!

                Two years ago, Pakistani soldiers killed 17 Indian soldiers who were sleeping in the Indian Army camp of the Uri sector of Kashmir. The incident was widely condemned throughout the country. The Indian Army, waiting for time to take revenge on the incident, sank into the Pakistani border and surgical strikes in a manner that did not count in Pakistan's eyes, destroying a fierce camp and military base and over 100 Pakistani militants in hell. Pakistan was also shocked by the incident and was subjected to shock. This adventure of Indian warriors was widely acclaimed worldwide.

     Even though India teaches Pakistan, Pakistan has been constantly attacking its usual puppies as a tail dog. India has also been tough to respond to. Pakistan's continuous attack on India in the celebration of the second anniversary of the Surgical Strike has led to the recent assassination of India's Narendra Singh in the Ramgarh sector by Pakistani soldiers who cracked and brutally murdered. Now it is thought that another Surgical Strike has been retaliated by the Indian soldier's murder. 

Indian Army

            Defense Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and Home Minister Rajnath Singh have pulled out a very interesting information during the second anniversary of the Surgical Strike on the issue of another Surgical Strike. Speaking at an event in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, Rajnath Singh said, "Something has happened. I do not say it now. There is a big growth. Trust me. Two days ago, the biggest incident happened. He said that you will see what happens in the future. 

             BSF chiefs have also clarified that they have spoken to the media. Sharma said, "If anything happens at the international border, we do not need to take action immediately. We have denied retaliation for the attack, saying that we have retaliated with the border control line of our soldier.

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