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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pakistan killed Indian Soldier (Narendra Singh) - ViiralFest

Pakistan killed Indian Soldier...

The soldier's neck slit and the eye flicker Pak...

The Pakistani army has been stripped of its black spot again, notorious for the Pakistani acts. Pakistani soldiers, who have been shot dead by a Indian soldier near Ramgarh in Jammu and Kashmir, have then slit his sword and acted fiercely by picking up the eyeball. 

                  The Indian Border Security Force (BSF), which has taken seriously the incident, has submitted its strong protest to the Pakistani army. The Prime Minister of India's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Military Operations is also likely to take action on the incident. 

What happened ?:                           

           BSF's head constable Narendra Singh had gone to cut grass that had grown up near the international border line on Tuesday. Pakistani forces have been attacked by this time. The Indian Army also had to retaliate. Meanwhile, Narendra Singh was missing. The proposal to jointly conduct joint operations in this area has been repeatedly launched by the BSF and Pak Rangers. But many times, even when it was called, the response from the Pak Rangers side was not clear. Such a joint operation will be carried out to prevent any attack if it is detected.

                            But when the sun drowned on Tuesday after no response from the Pakistani side, Indian soldiers began searching at the most dangerous scenario near the international border line. Narendra Singh's body was found in a condition that killed some of his gunman and later died. Narendra Singh was found dead in a sniper attack on microscopy. It was found that their neck was thrown off and the eyebrow was torn apart...

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