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Saturday, September 29, 2018

France President Silence Breaking for Rafael war planes Agreement - ViiralFest

France President Emanuel Macran Silence Breaking for Rafael Agreement...

              Opposition parties are now facing difficulty with Narendra Modi's central government using the 'Rafael Deal' issue, which is currently being sparked by the nation. The Rafael Deal is currently discussing a global level, with the France President breaking their silence. 

PM Narendra Modi

             The NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already come to existence four years ago. Modi has also ruled out any issues to accuse opposition parties of Modi's government. In the last four years, even the members of one of the Ministries have not been able to make allegations of corruption, and the government has given a strong government to Narendra Modi-led central government. 
France President - Emanuel Macran
              Now that the Rafael Deal has taken over the matter, the opposition parties who blame the Kendra government, now Emanuel Macran, President of France, have silenced and talked about the fact that India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said about the Rafael deal. The agreement is a decision taken by one government from another government. France President Emanuel Macron has taken a full stop to the dispute over the controversy over the defense relationship with India and France, and I do not want to say anything about it. 

           It has given a kind of gratitude to the Opposition who have complained to Narendra Modi's central government that it has to wait for the 'Rafael Deal' to stop here or to take away other central matters.

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