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Friday, September 21, 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in Delhi Metro - ViiralFest

Narendra Modi has often seen people joining people...

Recently on the night of night, Varanasi's street streets witnessed news development activities. It was all praise for the Prime Minister to join the people in the signal of Delhi along with the common people, stopping their cars and joining the people with the people, without using any security at all. A few months ago, Narendra Modi traveled without any security to the Bangladesh Prime Minister to welcome India to the airport

We have often noticed Modi traveling in Delhi's Metro. Even today, the Prime Minister traveled on a metro in Delhi while leaving for a program. Modi traveled from the Dauhla Metro Station to Delhi at Mathura Metro Station today. Modi traveled to Metro to complete the foundation of a magnificent international hall built in Delhi. 

The international news was that Modi had traveled to Metro in Delhi along with the South Korean President for the inauguration of the world's largest mobile unit last July 

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