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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rupee depreciates Indians in America - ViiralFest

The rupee depreciating against the dollar ...

Rupee depreciating against the dollar has hit Indian Indians in the US as well as the impact of Indian business and business. 

Yes, Indians in the US are facing a problem with rupee depreciation. Who has more children have dropped the cost from 7% to 9%. Vedike, a resident of the US, has not been able to attend his children's graduation ceremony and canceled that plan. He himself claims to have made such a decision without giving him a big sum. Ankur Vishampayan, a Texas University student, said he was eating and eating fruit. He said he was eating pumpkin and other vegetables to save money. Nisha Bhandekar is in the idea of working part-time. He claims that the parents are paying some money. If those who have taken loans to travel abroad are experiencing a similar problem, some are experiencing different kinds of problems. Everyone is waiting for rupee improvement....

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