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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

10 Interesting things About Amit Shah

10 Interesting Things About Amit Shah...

           Amit Shah is the BJP's president. He has the title 'Chanakya' which has information on the current political situation. Earlier in Gujarat, Senior BJP leader LK Advani, Advani had some experience in the field of campaigning for the election. Then they did not come back. 

Here is 10 Interesting things about Amit Shah

1. Amit Shah was born in 1964. On 22nd October. His father was involved in the industry. Originally from Gujarat, he lived in Mumbai. Prior to his return to politics, his business was held in Mansa, Gujarat.

2. When Amit Shah was 17 years old, he grew up with the National Volunteer Association. They were still in college. Then Amit Shah meet Narendra Modi. Good relationship between the two grew. In 1983 Amit Shah joined the All India Student Council. In the next three years He joined the BJP party. In 1987, he became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha

3. That's the time of 1991. BJP senior leader LK Advani contested the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat. This is Amit Shah's full responsibility for the Election campaign. In 1996, He was given the election responsibility of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who praised his work.

4. Amit Shah has faced the first Assembly polls from the Sarkhej constituency of Gujarat. It was a sub-election. Six years later, He was Sworn in as Gujarat's Home Minister. He has secured this position since 2010. 

5. Amit Shah became the BJP president of Uttar Pradesh 10 months before the Lok Sabha elections. In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has just 10 seats. The outcome of the Lok Sabha Election was a surprise to everyone. The BJP has gained 71 seats in the Uttar Pradesh region

6. During the period 1989-2014, Amit Shah faced 42 elections from local elections to the Lok Sabha. It's his job that he did not lose One election. He is currently elected to the State Assembly. He also won the 43rd election

7. Amit Shah was close to his mother. After every meeting, no matter how tired he was, He will spending with his mother for an hour. His mother died in 2010. Then the incident to Shah jailed. 

8. Amit Shah's mother was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. It was naturally influenced by Amit Shah. They read books written by Gandhi. He was following his Principle. Narendra Modi had earlier suggested that Amit Shah to read Vivekananda's books. Amit Shah has begun to conform to his notice. 

9. Amit Shah had the full responsibility of Uttar Pradesh in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. He was seriously concerned with the responsibility of Narendra Modi, who was only sleeping for just 5 hours a day. 

10. The change in the BJP in the past Four years has changed. Activists know that Amit Shah's character is bigger. For this reason he has been given the title of Modern Chanakya. Amit Shah's brain is the work of the Machine Gun at the speed of the workers who have seen him closer. 

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