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Saturday, October 13, 2018

10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

10 Most Peaceful and Beautiful Countries in the World...

          Accordingly, many nations are in Peace and tranquility, and the people are Happy to be Happy there. The following are described as the Happiness of the top ten nations, how they are in peace in those countries.

1. Iceland
        According to the 2017 Global Peace Index, Iceland is ranked as one of the Most Peaceful Countries in the world. Here is a high level of democracy, gender equality and less incarceration. Less incarceration means no crime and violent acts of such kind are here. The country's literacy is 99% and there is no fee for education in this country. 

2. New Zealand
          New Zealand has not been ranked below the 4th spot on the list of Peaceful nations in the world for the last ten years. Peace is in this country to the extent possible. New Zealand is home to Health, Education, Employment and Income, with a population of just 4.7 million.

              New Zealand is a wonderful country to live safely, with only 20% of the population facing financial problems.  

3. Austria
           Austria is the third most Peaceful Country in the world and is a good place to live. Because this country has the lowest Crime and Homicide rate. Austria is the richest country in the world with GDP.

                 Austria is also known for its Cleanliness and strict recycling law to protect the Environment, with Beauty and Historical architecture attracts millions of visitors every year. 

4. Portugal
                 Portugal continues its own grip on Peace and Safety. The Portugal ranked 18th in 2014-15, is ranked fifth in 2016 and is the 4th most Peaceful Nation in the past year.

                Portugal is one of the top 4 favorite places for overall quality of lifestyle experience, with more than the average of industrialized countries in Housing, Work, Life balance, Personal security and Environmental standards.

5. Denmark :
              Denmark has been ranked 2nd in Five consecutive years from 2011 to 2016. Subsequently dropped to fifth in the current year and current year. That is, a little bit more Criminal cases. A Safe country to travel and live together. The highest level of Political stability, Press Freedom and Human rights respect. 

6. Canada
            Canada is the Sixth Safest Nation in 163 countries. For the past two years, there have been good points for Internal conflicts, crime and Political stability. Canada, with a population of just over 37 million, is one of the richest nations in the world. It is one of the best countries to live when looking for good Job Opportunities, Good Health Facilities and Effective governance.

7. Czech Republic
            Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe. It is a member of the European Union and is ranked seventh among the Peaceful Countries. According to the OECD, it has achieved substantial performance Over jobs and Earnings, work-life balance and Education and Skills. Apart from adults, 93% of people aged 25 to 64 have completed secondary education.

8. Japan : 
           Japan has three times the population of Europe. And has a population of twelve times more than the United States, but violence in the country is very low. It is the 9th most Peaceful Country in the world.

9. Singapore :
           Singapore, the eighth most Peaceful country in the world, has increased 13th position from 21st place last year. Singapore is dependent on sea trade.

10. Ireland
          This is Ireland's 77th Smallest Country in the Progressive and developed world. Is ranked 10th in the world's Peaceful Countries. Ireland is routinely one of the safest countries in the world due to independent status and neutral forces, and in recent years Ireland has become increasingly important for developing Tourism.

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