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Saturday, October 13, 2018

20 Interesting Things About North Korea

20 Interesting Things About North Korea ...

North Korea is always in front of our eyes, dictator "Kim Jong-un" the dictator of different looks.

amazing facts about north korea

1. Calendar : The North Korean calendar is committed to the date of birth of the founder of that country. The whole world is using English calendar. But North Korea has standardized Calendar on April 15, 1912, the birth anniversary of its founder Kim Jong-un.

2. Only 3 news channels in the country : North Korea has a strong hold on the media. The government decides which program should be broadcast with only Three news channels.

3. Power Cuts Every Night : Every day Power Cut will be cut in terms of fuel savings. The power cut was finalized after the viral viruses on the North Korean comic strip Social Media, taken from outer space. 

4. The election is going on : Elections are held in North Korea but the candidate is the only one! This has happened since 1948. Mayor, a local organization, will have only one candidate in the election. 

5. Parents should be given : Parents who send children to school should give their children a desk and bench. 

6. Three Generation Punishment : North Korea is also punished for punishing one of his grandchildren if a person makes a mistake. Everyone is imprisoned for a single transport. 

7. Prison for Functional Thinking : Korea Director Shing Sung Okay and his wife are kidnapped by dictator Kim Jong-un. There is also an example of the kidnapping actor Choli in Hoi. But the director couple who had Kim Jong-un succeeded to escape.

 8. Only 28 Web Sites : Only 28 sites can browse the internet, called Quan Yan Mong. You can browse all the sites for free but pay for the license purchase!

9. Propaganda Village : A unique village originating in the 1953 war between North Korea and South Korea. If North Korea thinks this is a border, South Korea is working to create an illusion that all development is here. 

10. Kim Zhang-2 body rescues : Kim Jong-un reserves body. The visitors are also asked to salute the dead bodies in the glass house.

11. Ban for Blue Jeans : North Korea has banned Blue Jeans, which is supposed to be American power.

12. 28 Hair Styling : Men are allowed to design only 28 types of hair. The unmarried woman should shorten the head hair. 

13. No Religious Freedom : There is no religious freedom in Korea. There is no religious practice in a nation called atheist state.

 14. Human Malaria Fertilizer : South Korea stopped fertilizing supplies to North Korea in 2008. It was suggested that government citizens should collect their stools and give it to the authorities and then use it as fertilizer. 

15. Citizens Government Assets : Government holds control over everyone living in the Korean capital, Poing Yang. Need to get permission from the government to get out of the capital. 

16. Use of marijuana : Use of marijuana is free in a country where citizens are allowed to restrict basic rights! 

17. Public Punishment : The crime and treason is punishable by the public against the public, hanging or shooting is very common in the country. 

18. Separate rule for basset ball : A separate rule in the country is different from the point of view of the points. 

19. Muslim practice forbidden : Wearing Burqa is illegal here. Writing and composing the song without the prescribed lyrics is a guarantee of punishment. 

20. Major cost to the military : Nuclear Power consumes 20% of GDP for military expenditure.

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