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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

5 Most Haunted Places in India

5 Most Haunted Places in India

While some areas attract a man from nature, it is again a fascinating spot for some man-made buildings. There are also some mysterious places in it.

1. Bhangra Fort : 
This fort is still mysterious. Many years ago, a magician was wandering in the palace here. That's why the people around Bhangra are separated from there. It is said that there will be a disturbance of spirits after the evening. So no one can go to the fort after the evening.

Bhangra Fort

2. GP Block, Meerut
People say there is a ghost of friends who are drinking in the past, and the ghost of red-clad girls. 

GP Block

3. Delhi Cantonment, Delhi:

This area is mostly used by people. But most people do not know it's a haunted spot. But there was a white sarcasm on the night, as the elevator listened. If you do not stop, how fast the bike or car goes, as well as the spirit behind the speed.

Delhi Cantonment

4. Dow Hill, West Bengal
This is the way to death. Here people saw a body of a headless boy chasing and missing the trees. There are reports that some people who have seen this have committed suicide. 

Dow Hill
5. Shaneeswar wada Fort, Pune:
Here is the full moon day when the voice of a stranger is heard. It is crying and shed for help. A little boy is listening to the cry of 'Kaka' protect me.

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