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Saturday, October 6, 2018

5 tips on beauty that you believe is true are pure lies - ViiralFest

Five lie Beauty tips which you believe...

1. Scrub your skin with lemon :
          People scramble with lemon to get pimple free skin care. But doing this can harm your skin. Because citric acid is present in lemon. So it's not good to rub it directly on the skin. Instead of rubbing lemon directly into the skin, mix it in glycerin or face pack and put it on your face. 

2. Always wash your face with water : 
             Many people believe that the acne will often disappear if they wash the face repeatedly with water. But this is a pure lie. If you wash your face repeatedly with water, the skin needed for your skin will be reduced. This will make your skin dry and exacerbated. So face wash should be 2 or 3 times a day. 

3. Pimple Free from Scrub & Facial : 
                 Everyone believes that scrub, cleaning, and facial reduction will reduce the pimple. But this will only wasted your money and the pimple will not go away. Doing so will make your skin sensitive as your skin pore open. Also, the pimple is high on your face. 

4. Fairness cream makes for white :
               Fairness cream seems to make your face shine. But these creams do not. Companies use this idea to sell their products. If these creams are used, it will remove your skin's Pigmentation. So you have confidence in yourself instead of sports.

5. Do not use sunscreen on Cloud Day : 
              Using the sun screen will protect us from ultraviolet rays. People use sun screen only when they are hot. Even in the morning, the sun's rays fall easily on us. So do not forget to use the sunscreen every day. It is pure, therefore, that sunday should not be used on Cloud Day.

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