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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another Mega Project to India - ViiralFest

  Another Mega Machine from China to India: 1000 km / h Fast train...

          Already 350km China, which runs the fastest-running bullet train, is now heading for another disorder. By 2025, about 1000 km / h It is upgraded to develop the fastest train that has demonstrated its model last Wednesday as its first step. 

          China is preparing to develop next generation 'Magnetic levitation' trains. The first show was held at a creative and industrial show in the city of Chengdu in the southwestern Sichuan province.

          Government-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Ltd. It is involved in the process of speed development of rail. It is called 't-flight'. It has a lightweight, hot-resistant and unified cabin, with 29.2 m. Long and 3 m The China media reported that the width was wide.

            The specialty of 'floating' at a height of 100 millimeters from this train track. Because a vacuum area is constructed on a rock and magnetic levitation thermodynamics also leads to floating. "Said Wang Yan, senior officer of China Aerospace. 

           The floating train is about 1000 km. Take the speed. This will not be any harm. Wong says travelers will be safe and comfortable.  

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