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Monday, October 1, 2018

Five Terrible Surgical Strikes In The World - ViiralFest

Worlds Five Terrible Surgical Strikes...

1. India and Pakistan

India has been doing a surgical strike on Pakistan two years ago and hit the terrorists overnight. That spectacular operation under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a worldwide news. The warrior world of India was once again proven. All Indians were proud. The Indian Army had been spectacularly hit by hundreds of militants to assassinate our soldiers. After that, the Government of India was successful in unraveling Pakistan internationally.

India Army

2. India and Pakistan Again 

India was the first Surgical Strike in Pakistan to have history. But this is not the world's first surgical strike. The world has witnessed many such surgical strikes. Surgical Strike is a lightning attack or limited attack. This is not a war. Surgical strikes are thought to be secretive to avoid widespread damage and to destroy specific ones. The Surgical Strike is to obtain the location of the site and to commit massive damage to military territory over the area. 

Indian Army

3. U.S and Pakistan

Bin Laden's assassination in Pakistan at the 2011 US Army killed first place in world's most famous surgical strikes. Osama bin Laden was assassinated by US troops inside the Abbottabad area of Pakistan. It was a worldwide news. This surgical strike is still a world-wide event. In 1976, the Israeli Army conducted a Surgical Strike at the Uganda Airport. This surgical strike, called Operation Entebe, was also a worldwide news. 

US Army

4. U.S and Iraq 

The US military has undergone a rapid operation in the US-Iraq war and protects its military leader Jessica Link, which has also been a major contributor to the history of surgical strikes. The incident occurred in 2003. This year, the United States Army has entered into Pakistan's Rawalpindi to arrest Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the suspects in the attack on the United States. The attack by the United States Army CIA is also one of the major surgical strikes. 

Iraq Army
5. India and Pakistan
In addition to these four, India's surgical strike on Pakistan has also been acknowledged as a whole. A daring decision by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to showcase the valor of Indian soldiers. The Indians were proud. India has explicitly reacted to Pakistan that it is committed to a friendly and ready war.

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