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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hate Begins : Because of India's Latest Decisons

Hate Begins : India's Latest Decisons are Reason...

       US sanctions on Iran from November 4 will be fully Implemented. In the meantime, India has said it will continue to Import oil from Iran despite sanctions.

        This decision of India has provoked the US and has repeatedly put pressure on India to make no Commercial Agreement with Iran. For example, the US, which is developing such techniques, is now likely to be excluded from the currency supervision list

          Yes, the US has warned that some of India's latest decisions may have bilateral relations. For this reason, the idea of exclusion of India from the commercial partner list has been taken.

           India, which had just been ranked in the US currency supervision last April, is now likely to be out of the list. India emerged as the country to rank in the US currency supervision after China, Germany, Japan, Korea and Switzerland

        here is a $ 23 billion trade transaction between India and America every year. The Rupee has fallen sharply in the International Market today as the rupee depreciated against the US dollar and the US is likely to face further difficulties with this new decision. 

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