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Saturday, October 6, 2018

How S-400 Triumph works - ViiralFest

-How S-400 Triumph Missile works

S 400 Triumph Missile

           India has signed several major agreements including the S-400 Air Defense missile purchase during the talks with Russia. 

           Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin have held a bilateral meeting at the Hyderabad House in Delhi. During the negotiations, a total of 8 agreements, including the S-400 Air Defense and Space Cooperation, were signed. 

           India has signed an agreement to purchase 5S-400 Triumph at a cost of $ 5.43 billion (approximately Rs 40,000 crore). So what is a special air defense system? Details on how to work, etc.

What's the S-400 Air Triumph?
            In a single word, a special air defense system is capable of exterminating enemies in the sky. If enemy nations launch missiles, it is not easy to strike. But the S-400 Triumph is capable of launching a rapidly launching missile into the sky. Russia first developed this air defense missile system in 2007. 

How it's work : 
               At the ground the S-400 air defense system is capable of confronting enemy aircraft combat aircraft and missile attacks. This is a new version of the S-300 range built in 2007, with a missile resistant system that can be fired from a long-haul ground. 

               It includes a self-system system, multi-purpose radar and targeted launch system, command and control centers that simultaneously identify and run several missiles and aircraft within 380 km range. Because of the air defense system behind the lorry, any area can be easily taken. It can be prepared and operated in just a few minutes. The missile can be built in 4 parts simultaneously to scuttle missiles to avoid enemy attacks. Also capable of overthrowing non-human aircraft, intercontinental and cruise missiles from the enemy base. 

Why India Needed :
                 The S-400 air defense system will give a bold reply to the 20 fighter squad drones near Pakistan and the F-16, the J-17 version of the Fighter drone and 800 4-Gen fighter aircraft near China. India plans to deploy this system into the border of China. If this system comes to India, air force capacity will increase.

Which country has this system in? 
              This system was first purchased by Russia from Russia. China signed the deal in 2014 and has already reached the S-400 missile system in China. It is not known how much Russia has distributed. A deal with Turkey last year has taken place. Qatar is also interested in buying the S-400.  

What is the purpose of the contract? 
            Modi had a good connection with Vladimir Putin because China could have a good relationship with Russia if the future could be a problem for India. He had also visited Russia in May last year. This time the S-400 Air Defense System Agreement was also discussed. The S-400 will also help India to emerge as the world's strongest military power.

Why worry about the US, China and Pakistan? 
           India has a good relationship with Russia, and the US and China have fallen asleep in Pakistan. The US has already imposed a ban on Russia's purchase of war supplies. In spite of this, India is committed to signing a bilateral agreement. Of the neighboring countries of India, Kirk is the largest in China and Pakistan. China and Pakistan are constantly testing their ballistic missiles. So India will have the ability to repel the attack at any time

America Warning : 
              The United States is always heading towards internal issues of other nations using its economic influence. The United States has warned other countries of the world that Russia, Iran and South Korea have blocked economic transactions. Once again, the United States has the opportunity to impose a blockade on other countries, such as the "Katsa" agreement, if the other countries make a greater economic agreement with these countries. It is believed that India is not obliged to restrict India from purchasing defense supplies in sufficient quantities.

What is the katsa? 
             The US katsa (Counting America's Advisories Through Sensions Act) has enacted a law to secure defense and financial agreements. The bilateral talks will be for the best relations with the developing world of the world, the world's largest. This law enables the bilateral relations to enforce the protection of countries with the United States of America's restrictions on restrictions on those countries.

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