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Friday, October 19, 2018

India is Strongest Nation with total $6 trillion Wealth

India's total Wealth is Now $ 6 trillion 

         India's wealth has risen by  44,2170 billion ($ 6 trillion) in the midst of poverty, Including illiteracy, Unemployment, and Malnutrition.

        In the interim period of the current Financial year, there were 7,300 millionaires and the number of millionaires in India reached 3.43 lakh. The total wealth of the country is estimated at 44,21,70 billion rupees ($ 6 trillion), One of the Highest Wealth countries in the world. In percentage. Credit Suisse latest global wealth report said 18.6% women were billionaires.

Indian Women Billionairs

         Of the 3,43,000 Millionaires of India, the number of millionaires rose to 7,300 during the interim period of 2018. Of this, 3,400 people have $ 50 million and 1,500 people have over $ 100 million in wealth.

        The Rupee Depreciates against the dollar in the International Market, but at the half-year of 2018, 2.6 Wealth prosperity. Total income of the bank stood at Rs 44,21,70 billion. Each person has a wealth of Rs 5,17,058 in wealth. By 2023 the uneven distribution rate of wealth between the poor and the rich is over. Will rise to 53. However, total national wealth will reach $ 64,79,00 billion without any impact on wealth rises. The number of millionaires is expected to rise to 5.26 lakh during the same period, the report said. 

        The personal income of the Indian citizens is lower than the percentage. 91% of wealth is invested in property and other Real assets. Non-Financial Assets Percentage In 12 Months An increase of 4.3 has been analyzed as a result of all prosperity. 

      Women share wealth in global wealth 40 has reached. Of the country Recent reports indicate that the share of 20- 30 is less. India's wealth rises to $ 6 trillion, but poverty is still substantially alive. 91% people have less than $ 10,000 in wealth. Millionaire earnings per annum by 2023 Credit Suisse said that the growth rate would be 8%

       At the global level, America has been the number one spot in the last 10 years. With a combined $ 6.3 trillion in 2018, there are a total of $98 trillion in wealth. China is second with $ 53 trillion in wealth

How Total wealth Calculates?
       The wealth of all citizens of the country. It includes the Citizens' Property, Cash, Stock, and Business Interests of those countries. However, the debt of the citizens of those countries does not belong. Government funds are not included.

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