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Friday, October 19, 2018

Reliance stopped importing crude oil from Iran

Reliance  Temporarily  Stopped Importing Crude Oil From Iran

       US sanctions on Iran on November 4 will be fully Implemented. Accordingly, the world's only one of the Nations is cutting its trade agreement with Iran

         But India is refusing to completely cut its Oil deal with Iran. It is India's claim that continuing trade Agreements with Iran is his right.

         For this reason, the United States has done a lot of work to put India away from its Enemy country. The US, whichhas already been Requested several times, is also putting some threats.

        Meanwhile, India's Reliance Industries temporarily suspended Oil Imports from Iran. The agency has also issued an indication that Iran will have to cut oil imports immediately after the US sanctions. 

        Reliance's senior vice president, Srikanth said that oil imports from Iran would be stalled

       Srikant said that the company has decided to import more oil from Saudi Arabia, mainly from other countries of the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia. Oil imports from Venezuela are expected to continue. 

       Records reveal that Reliance has imported 2 million Barrels of Crude Oil from Iran by the end of September.

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