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Monday, October 8, 2018

This Bollywood Actress Revealed Directors Sexual Harrasment - ViiralFest

Bollywood Actress Revealed Dark Secret about Directors..

              The sexual harassment case is coming out of one by one, as the ash is closed. Actress Tanushree Datta, the alleged sexual harassment fire against Nana Patekar, is still cold. Another Bollywood actress is already bombing sexual harassment.

            The Bollywood actress, who played the lead role in Queen's film, has bombed a sex scandal against director Vikas Bahl, the director of Kangana Ranaut "Queen". The film is set in the set of Queen. 

Actress - Kangana Ranaout
            There is also a reason why she has to throw her dark stuff out. One of the victims was recently accused of sexually assaulting director Vikas Bahl.

              Fantasy Films had filed a complaint with director Anurag Kashyap, a partner of the firm, who alleged that Vikas had acted in a rude manner with me. The woman was supported by Kangana.

Director Vikas Bahl

          I totally trust Him. I have been troubled by Vikas, "said Kangana. Although Vikas was already married, she had contacted the girls every day. 

          Moreover, in many cases Vikas has misbehaved with me. When they got rid of me, they smelled my scent. Kangana dismissed her harassment as I was struggling to get rid of them.

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