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Monday, October 15, 2018

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches in the World

Ten Most Expensive Watches in the World...

          In 1571, the culture was started with a watch. There are records of the 16th century gift of Queen Elizabeth Caicardian of England. The watch journey started from there and is now being marketed as Expensive watches, including many branded watches. Here's a look at the most expensive and expensive price in the market..

1. Graff Diamond Hallucination :
            The Graff Diamond jewelery company of the UK is credited with producing the most expensive watch. The watch was released in the name of Graff Diamond Hallucination, which was priced at $ 55 million. This watch is auctioned for around Rs 405 crore. It is made up of a complete diamond. 

2. Graff Diamond Fascination :
                  Graff  Diamond Fascination Watch has been developed by Graff Diamond, known for luxury watches. The price is Rs 294 crore. ( $40 million )

3. breguet no. 160 :
           Breguet No.160 Watch. The original name is Marie-Antoinette. This watch manufacturer of the Swedish based Abram Louise Breguet. This watch was built in 1782. It is now the third most expensive watch in the world. The price is Rs 221 crore. ( $30 million )

4. Chopard 201-Carat Watch :
            The Chopard watch has a 201 carat 874 diamond. This watch is available in Pink, Yellow and Blue. The price is Rs 184 crore. ( $25 million

5. Patek Philippe Supercomplication :           
           This watch was made by Patek Philippe in 1933. Patek Philippe released the market for 5 consecutive years. Patek Philippe Watch is now the world's 5th most expensive watch. The price is Rs 176 crore ( $23 million ).

6. Jacob & Co. Watch :
           Jacob & Co Billionaire Watch 260 Carat Emerald Cut Diamonds. The price is Rs 132 crore ( $ 17 million ).

7. Patek Philippe Ref .1518 :
              At auction of 2016, Patek Philippe Ref .1518 has auctioned auction for Rs 81 crore ( $ 11 million ). This watch was built in 1518

8. Vacheron Constantin Ref. 57260 :
           The time taken for this watch was about 8 years old. The watch is priced at Rs 58 crore ( $ 7.8 million ).

9. Hublot Big Bang :
       Among the more expensive watches is Hublot Big Bang 9th. The price is Rs 36 crore ( $ 4.8 million ).

10. Breguet  & Fils No.2667 :
                Breguet & Fils No.2667 Watching on Most Parts of France in 1814. The same watch was sold at Rs 34 crore ( $  4.5 million ) in 2012. 

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