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Friday, October 12, 2018

US threatens to buy oil with Iran - ViiralFest

US threatens to buy oil with Iran

           No country can buy oil from Iran since November 5. But in that period, India is seeking to buy crude oil from Iran. Despite banning Iran, China has already bought oil. This is the American eye red. 

           India is the third largest consumer of oil in Iran. If India does not buy oil from here, it will be a big problem for India. SBI Bank, which already pays dollars to Iran, has withdrawn from that process.

          On the other hand, India is ready to buy oil from Iran. The US has appealed to India to make an alternative system for not buying oil from Iran for any reason. 

       The US Ambassador has discussed with the Government of India. Speaking on this, he said that buying oil with Iran does not help India ("it's not helpful"). 

          Although India has recently imposed a blockade on Russia, India has signed a $5.4 billion S-400 Triumph missile purchase. 

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