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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

7 mistakes we are doing with your hair, which ruin your hair..

From these 7 mistakes we all ruin your hair...

   It is becoming common for hair loss, drying, headache and so on. But we are responsible for this hair condition.

What Mistakes you doing with your Hair...

1. Much oil for hair : Much oil can block your skin pores. This will affect the hair's . Do not apply much oil for hair.

2. Daily Hair Wash : Wash hair for only 2 or 3 minutes. If you wash more than that, your hair will lose the strength of the hair. This results in hair loss.

3. Incorrect Diet : Vitamin, Minerals, and Protein are essential for hair growth. But most of the junk food is not enough nutrients. This results in hair loss and drying. 

4. Hair styling machine : Hair dryer and hair curling machine every day use can affect the hair. It causes the hair to dry and slit hair.

5. Tying hair tightly : Having hair more tight will result in a bad effect. This can affect the growth of hair

6. Wearing wet hair : Do not wear wet hair after bathing. This makes hair is cut off. and rubbing hair through towel  can cause hair fall.

7. Chemical use : The Chemical use for hairs can cause problems like hair loss, drying, and In addition, dye and color can also damage the hair.

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