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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hibiscus Flower 6 Benefits for Beautiful Skin

Hibiscus Flower Benefits for Beautiful Face...

6 Benefits of Hibiscus for Beautiful Skin

1. Antioxidant : Anti-oxidants in hibiscus prevent skin from becoming damaged. Also, the skin avoids wrinkling.

2. Young Look : Make Hibiscus flower Paste and apply it in the face for ten minutes. Doing so regularly looks like face young and energetic.

3. Natural Shampoo : Mix the leaves of hibiscus to hot water and squeeze well. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then strain it and put some olive oil on it. and apply it on hair, wash after 10 minutes, this makes your hair silky.

4. Skin tone : Applying hibiscus on face give you beautiful and fair skin.

5. Moisturizing : Hibiscus flower is a moisturizing element. The hair is always shining.

6. Hair growth : If the hibiscus and its leaves are regularly applied to the hair, the hair grows well. It also helps to eliminate hair loss and grow dark hair.

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