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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How much money does tirupati temple gets a single day?

How much Money does Tirupati temple make per day ?

The income of Tirupati Thimmappa topped the richest Temple in the world. This temple is paying a fortune Rs 4 crore($5 lakh), It has created a new record through collecting Rs 4 crore($5 lakh)per day.

Tirupati Thimmappa's devotees and donors are on their way to the darshan, with a cash prize of Rs 4.4 crore per day in Tirupati Venkateshwara's Temple got on Tuesday.

Rs 2.90 crore on the 10th of this month and Rs 1.13 crore on the 11th and Rs 2.50 crore on the 12th day.

On July 6th last year Tirupati temple has created record through collecting Rs 6.28 crore in single day.

Earlier, on April 1,Sri Ram Navami Day Temple has collected Rs 5.73($8 lakh) crore in single day.

There is also a record collection of Rs 4.23 crore($6 lakh) on January 1, 2012. On Tuesday, 60,907 devotees visited Tirupati temple.

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