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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Who is Dan Bilzerien ? - ViiralFest

World's Largest Gambler. Dan Bilzerian

  Famous as the poker king of Dan Bilzarian gambling. Dan has earned over $ 15 million in gambling. Born in Florida on December 7, 1980, Dan is a gambling professional today. He is also the best Stunt man actor who has also appeared in other Hollywood films, The Other Woman, The Equalizer & Cat Run 2. 

Dan Childhood
   Dan, a son of the businessman, grew up luxury. They had all kinds of comfort, but they did not have the parents' love. Dan, who has grown up as an adult, has stated in a number of interviews that he had not been circulating when he was younger.

  Dan's life, carrying luxury lives, changed completely when his father became involved in tax fraud. Dan's father also participated in the Vietnam War. They also had a gun that was used for war. One day Dawn's gun was taken to show his classmates at school. Soon afterwards, the school management had pulled him out of school and the city. But this did not affect Dan.

 First time in gambling

    Dan was very fond of guns and unconsciousness. One time Navy was also selected. But for some reason he was removed from there. Thereafter he joined College, where he first learned about an Online poker. From here, Dan Poker started playing the game.

Dan's Early gambling days :

    He had initially lost all his money, but decided that he would win the match in the same game. They also sold a gun to play ahead. This time he was successful in winning 10 thousand rupees. Soon he left straight to Las Vegas.

    Dan went to Las Vegas and played a large-scale poker. It is said that they had won $ 10,000 to $ 1,87,000 in the night lighting. He also participated in the World Series of Poker, ranked number 180. 

  Dan is also celebrity at American Social Media. He is so famous in 'instagram' that he is called king. The profiles are filled with photos of gun and luxury cars. He is found among the girls in most of the photos, also known as 'Play Boy'. He has also been involved in several controversies. He made a million dollars on a night of 2013.

    He also has a drug disorder, regardless of day and night. This was revealed when he was once a heart attack. The 30-year-old Drugs were covered, with a heart attack two to three times within 12 hours. His wealth is estimated at $ 15 million [150 million dollars].

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