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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Top 8 Mysteries of Kailash Mountain, which russian scientists believe

Top 8 Mysteries of Kailash Mountain...

mysteries of Kailash mountain

1. The Mystery of Mountain is, the Mountain Constantly changing its position.

2. Kailash Mountain has 21,000 years old Lord Shiva Habitat.

3. One more mystery is, In the time of sunset the shadow falls on Kailash Mountain shapes like 'Swastik', 

saint milarepa

4. According some researches, Only one man has climbed the Kailash Mountain, that man is Tibetan Sage Saint Milarepa his famous for Sermons and Poems.

5. According to Russian Scientists the mystery is shape of mountain, it's look like a Pyramid, hollow from inside and the path of mountain is top of it. they believe some unusual force built the Kailsh Mountain.

6. It is believed to be supernatural power surrounded the Kailash mountain, this is why no can climb the mountain, mountain trekkers feel when they near of top they feel imbalance in health and difficult to breath. and Kailsh Mountain is smaller than Mount Everest. but no one can reach top of mountain.

7. The Kailsh Mountain is surrounded by two lakes one is Manasarovara and Another one is Rakshasa Tal, both lakes are has another names to which are Manasarovara ( Lake of Gods) and Rakshasa Tal ( Lake of Devils ). both Lakes Represents Good and Bad side of Humans.

om symbol on kailash mounatin

8. Another strange thing about Kailash Mountain is the snow falls in Om symbol, this is why Kailash Mountain has another name 'Om Parvat'.

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