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Thursday, December 27, 2018

World's costliest F1 number plate, which costs $19 million

World's costliest number plate, which costs $19 million.

We save money years an years to buy a car. but nowadays rich people purchasing fancy number plates for their cars. but now in London a man paid $19 million (132 crore) for fancy number plate.

worlds costliest number plate

F1 vehicle number has recorded at $19 million( 132 crore). F1 number has auctioned many times. in 2008 this number auctioned for $9.9 lakh and now sold for $19 million.

F1 number has used in many Expensive cars like Bugatti, McLaren, Mercedes. Dubai based businessman Balwinder Sahani bought D5 fancy number number plate at cost $9.5 million. 

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