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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Top 14 self-made Women Billionaires of 2018

Top 14 self-made Women Billionaires of 2018.

self-made Women Billionaires of 2018 According to Forbes List.

1. Zhou Qunfei:

Zhou Qunfei

Zhou Qunfei was an Chinese Entrepreneur who founded Major Touchscreen Maker Lens Technology.
Net worth: $10 billion.

2. Marian Ilitch

Marian Ilitch was an self-made American Businesswoman and co-founder of Little Caesars Pizza.
Net worth: $6 billion.

3. Rafaela Aponte:

Rafaela Aponte

Rafaela Aponte was Italian billionaire businesswoman. founder and chairman of Aponte is a Neapolitan captain Shipping Industry.
Net worth: $8.4 billion.

4. Chan Laiwa:

Chan Laiwa

Chan Liwan was self-made Chinese Entrepreneur and founder of Fuwah International Group.
Net worth: $6 billion.

5. Pollyanna Chu:

pollyanna chu

Pollyanna Chu was Hong Kong's billionaire businesswoman and Executive of Kingston Financial Group, Golden Resorts Group and Sincere Watch.
Net worth: $2.4 billion.

6. Wu Yajun

wu yajun

Wu Yajun was Chinese billionaire businesswoman c0- founder and chairwoman of Longfor Properties. Wu Yajun was Third Richest woman in China.
Net worth: $9.1 billion.

7. Lam Wai Ying:

Law wai ying

Law Wai Ying was Hong Kong's billionaire businesswoman and chairwoman of  Biel Crystal Manufactory
Net worth: $5.2 billion.

8. Diane Hendricks:

Diane Hendricks

Diane Hendricks was American Billionaire businesswoman and film producer.
Net worth: $6 billion.

9. Denise Coates:

denise coates

Denise Coates was British billionaire businesswoman and the founder of online gambling company Bet365. 
Net worth: $4.1 billion.

10. Zhang Xin:

zhang xin

Zhang Xin was Chinese billionaire businesswoman having Real Estate in China and CEO of SOHO China.
Net worth: $3.6 billion.

11. Oprah Winfrey:

oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was American media Executive, actress and television producer.
Net worth: $2.6 billion.

12. Giuliana Benetton:

giuliana benetton

Giuliana Benetton was Italian billionaire businesswoman and co-founder of Benetton Group.
Net worth: $2.9 billion.

13. Johnelle Hunt:

johnelle hunt

Johnelle Hunt was American Billionaire businesswoman and co-founder J.B. Hunt Transport Services.
Net worth: $2.6 billion.

14. Rita Tong Liu:

rita tong liu

Rita Tong Liu was Real Estate tycoon and fourth richest woman in Hong Kong.
Net worth: $2.7 billion.

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